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A Professional Law Firm

We understand that legal actions are often stressful and involve very real feelings of anxiety to our clients. In many instances, you really need that reassuring hand that everything will be ok, or a professional who can put things into terms you can understand. To help clients understand their legal predicaments, or to prosecute claims, our firm is dedicated to timely and frank communications. It is our belief that the more informed you are, the better you will be able to understand and cope with these stressful moments in your life. We will also work to prosecute your legal issues as fast as allowed by law. Click the link below to get started and asked us a few questions. Consultations are free!

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Working to Protect Your Rights

Divorce, Custody Disputes, Alimony and Child Support, Criminal Defense, Car Accidents, Slip and Fall Cases, Commercial Motor Vehicle injuries, and Medical Malpractice Claims. We will work to resolve your legal issue efficiently. Click the link below to see a more detailed list of service areas.

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Keeping Legal Representation Affordable

At McBride & Russell, we understand that each family and each client is unique. To keep legal services affordable, our firm has streamlined operations. This results in lower overhead of expenses. Lower overhead allows the client to reap the benefits of lower legal costs. However, keep in mind that some legal costs we have no control over such as court filing fees. To see what savings you may qualify for, click the link below.

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Submission of this form does not grant attorney client representation.  A client is only represented by the firm when the client and attorney have signed the contract for services.  All other forms of communication should be consider for consultation only.

New Orleans Law Firm and Surrounding Areas

McBride & Russell, a New Orleans Law Firm, offer legal representation as Criminal Defense Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney, Family Attorney, Divorce and Child Support, Alimony, and Business Law Attorneys.  We offer services in Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, St. Charles, and St. John Parishes.  For more information click the contact us button or call our toll free number for a free consultation!